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the gregory brothers


Our primary purpose is to Songify® the universe (because everything is better as a song, duh.) We spend our days and nights taking things that were not songs and turning them into songs.

Check out our YouTube channel where we make videos like Songify the News (previously Auto-Tune the News), classics like  Bed Intruder Song & to Double Rainbow Song, & originals that shall make you wonder at the magnanimity of the world, or maybe just say “wut? why’d i watch that?”

Or our second channel, full of Happy Sad Songs, behind-the-scenes stuff, vlogs, covers, original songs, barbershop tags, WikiWars, live concert footage and much much more! Also find us on Facebook and Twitter so you can send us suggestions for our next vid–then we can sing and dance along together, our true destiny.


there’s an ape for that


the ape takes the detritus of a dying industry, and gives it one more chance to entertain the masses. 

the ape performs a musical set for humans exclusively from vinyl records. 

as the ape finishes with each record, it is offered to any human in attendance who desires it. 

at fest of al, the ape will be playing and distributing records by "weird al" yankovic and other fun and exciting humans.

there is no need to go to machines for entertainment. 

there’s an ape for that



Bolonium Richard Taylor and Tim Johnson.jpg

Bolonium is the brain child of accordionist Richard Taylor and multi-instrumentalist Tim Johnson. Cartoons, B Movies, bowling, and questionable lunchmeat inspired the duo while recording their self-titled first album. Bolonium's do-it-yourself aesthetic led to 12 zany music videos, packed with psychedelic visuals and subtle homages to the band's many influences. Like any good sci-fi experiment gone wrong, Bolonium has grown beyond it's creators' control, and now performs LIVE, pumping the Denver music scene full of delicious, Snack-tacular BOLONIUM!


polka folka



Polka Folka is a Denver based band that plays an eclectic mix of polkas, waltzes, folk and dance music.


smashy claw


Smashy Claw is an experimental rock band from Denver, Colorado. Always striving for each song to be different from the last, the group is distinguished by their quirky lyrics and catchy, layered orchestration. Often goofy, occasionally somber, and everywhere in between, they've been compared to acts like They Might Be Giants and Ween for their eclectic, comedic style.

Austin Ash (vox, guitar, bass, programming)
Nathan Long (vox, keyboards, guitar)

For more information on Smashy Claw please visit the artist's web site at:


The "weird Al" Phabet Podcast


The "Weird Al" Phabet Podcast where four fans of "Weird Al" Yankovic discuss every one of his songs in alphabetical order. Yes, even the ones not officially released. Featuring David Spencer, Michael Hunter, Daniel Kawka, and Andrew Frola. New episodes each Monday!


Masters of Ceremonies: Rick & Alf


Rick and Alf  (Masters of Ceremonies)  Rick and Alf have been a team on and off stage for over two decades. They've hosted everything from a monthly open-stage event, to the yearly Nerd Prom in Denver. Alf also hosts the various radio shows on Channel 93.3 on Sunday nights, while Rick calls in and tries to get Alf to play his requests.


Magic will be performing and hosting our Crowd Karaoke Battle! 


zero day exploits


Zero Day Exploits From the software development trenches of Colorado's Front Range comes Zero Day Exploits! Proudly blending Star Wars, Database Code, Comic Books, and Rock. Rated E for Everyone.


Shanna in a dress



Shanna in a Dress is your quirky best friend who refuses to wear pants. If Jason Mraz and Phoebe Buffay had a baby... Shanna in a Dress would be the result.  A smashing combination of humor, truth, and poignancy all wrapped up in a sweet voice, this witty wordsmith calls what she does "snarky folk pop from a clever millennial who sucks at dating." She has been performing since her days at the University of Virginia where she attracted a loyal following of fans that loved her feel-good energy, catchy melodies, and entertainingly interactive stage banter.  Shanna is a diverse songwriter with a playful setlist that manages to teeter the line masterfully of taking on complex subject matters with smart, yet accessible lyrics. Her songs are laden with clever wordplay and are relateable across all ages as she hops back and forth between the guitar, ukulele, and piano to accompany herself. 


wayne faust


Wayne Faust has performed his music and comedy act for over 30 years, and performs regularly all over the US and in Europe. His shows are a mix of guitar, banjo, comedy, and improv. He makes up funny songs on the spot about people in the audience.

Wayne founded Picklehead Music ( in 1995 to give wider exposure to comedy music artists. He’s recorded 8 CD’s, and his songs are heard on radio stations as far away as Australia.


nuclear bubble wrap


Nuclear Bubble Wrap is a psychedelic/alternative rock band from Nashville, TN. Their music is known for containing lush, multi-layered psychedelic arrangements, with catchy melodies and witty lyrics. They’re known for their sense of humor and tendency to lean towards nerdy references and subject matter.

Founded by keyboardist Jace McLain and guitarist Kyle Thorne, Nuclear Bubble Wrap began recording home-made demo albums in 2005 before switching to fully-produced studio recordings with 2010’s full-length album Exploding Head Syndrome. Using the momentum from this album as well as several popular viral music videos (such as “Avada Kedavra” and “Sharktopus”), the band played several concerts across the country. The group is filled out by guitarist Brendan Sheairs, bassist Stephen Smith, and drummer Julia Larson. Their latest release is 2016’s Multiverses. They’ve played shows at events such as MarsCon, Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, and Orlando Nerd Fest.

Amanda cohen


In 1998 Amanda Cohen put together the very first Weird Al fan convention. She is joining Fest of Al to reprise her AlCon 98 retrospective panel from FuMPFEST!

Originally from Chicago, Amanda now lives in Los Angeles where she is resuming a career in stand-up comedy. She has done stand-up on and off for many years, having opened for Paula Poundstone, Gilbert Gottfried, Jake Johannson, and many others. She even worked with Patton Oswalt early in his career. Amanda has also done some comedy-music of her own and had a hit on Dr. Demento with the Weird Al parody "Know Your Doctors" (a parody of "Your Horoscope for Today"). The song made the monthly Top 10 multiple times and the year-end countdown twice—#14 in 2013 and #9 in 2014

Kelly Phillips


Kelly is the co-editor and publisher of Dirty Diamonds, an award-winning all-girl comic anthology, and also writes “Weird Me” a Comic about coming of age as a moderator for a "Weird Al" Yankovic fan site. You will be able to pick up copies of her comics at Fest of Al!

Check out the kickstarter Kelley did to learn more about “Weird Me”:

Dirty Diamonds Homempage: