Special thanks to Kenneth Guinup (aka “Crazy Ken”) for writing up us a little blurb about his “Weird Al” fandom and donating these sick shoes!!!

Brand New Custom made from Vans, Dare To Be Stupid shoes men’s size 10

Brand New Custom made from Vans, Dare To Be Stupid shoes men’s size 10


I lived in Southern CA and the first time I heard Al was on the school bus 1981. The kid in front of me was playing a recording of the Doctor Demento show. It was the live broadcast of Another One Rides the Bus. I definitely wanted to find out who Weird Al was and what other songs he had written.

My collection started in 1983 with three items. The self titled album, 1979 single of My Bologna and the EP Placebo which I paid a whopping six dollars to get.

I met Al and the Band for the first time in 1984, Universe Tour at the Del Mar, CA Fair. Al is shaking my hand and the only thing that came out in a squeaky voice was “Hi”! At this point I moved to WA, which was really cool because the high school just started a new radio broadcasting class that could be heard all around the Puget Sound area.

I had a two hour radio show called “Crazy Ken’s” Polka and Potpourri show. That same year I was in volume one issue three of the CPFOA News Letter. From 1983 to the present I have obtained a pretty large collection of various Al related items, especially interesting hard to find items from other countries. Before the internet I went to the library and located several addresses for radio stations in Japan. In 1986 I received my first international LP from a radio station in Tokyo. Dare To Be Stupid LP with promo sheet in Japanese. I have enjoyed being a fan and collector of Weird Al items.

The shoes are presently on display at the WA State Fair until 9/30 and will be shipped to the winner.